Barbara Rawlings, LM, CPM


Barbara Rawlings, LM, CPM is an Idaho Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife.  The CPM is a national credential granted through the ‘North American Registry of Midwives’ (NARM).  Barbara was trained through apprenticeship, formal and informal study.  She became the first Licensed Midwife (LM) in Idaho in 2010.

I began my practice of midwifery in 1976 in Boise, ID, then we moved to the Panhandle in 1978 where I have now attended over 900 births in Idaho, Montana and British Columbia.  I have been a CPR/First Aid Instructor since 1986, am a founding member of the Idaho Midwifery Council (IMC), the state professional   organization for midwives since 1980 and I have served in one capacity or other on the board since that time.  I became a Certified Senior Midwife (CSM) in Idaho in 1988, achieved my CPM status in 1997 and was Licensed in 2010.  I continue my education and training through regular study groups, peer review, workshops, trainings, conferences, reading and teaching student midwives.

I am married to Paul, my high school sweetheart. We have two grown children, Jill and Christopher, who  are wonderful adults and my cherished  friends and teachers.  Both were born in the hospital, Jill a fast natural birth and Chris a distressing but “normal routine” hospital birth that led me to the work I do today.  We also have a beautiful granddaughter, Amber, who was born at home where I was fortunate enough to receive her into my own hands at her birth.  I consider these my most amazing accomplishments.