What is a Midwife?

A Midwife is a trained professional who offers expert care, education, counseling and support to a woman during the childbearing  cycle.  She works with each woman and her family to identify  their unique physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs, then assists her in fulfilling those needs. We honor and celebrate women, mothers, families, babies and birth.

What do Midwives do?

  • Listen to women
  • Promote informed decision-making
  • Educate and counsel clients
  • Offer a choice of birth place
  • Provide complete, personalized prenatal care
  • Support before and during labor, birth and postpartum
  • Breastfeeding and parenting support

Why women choose Midwives…
• Respectful Care
• Personal Attention
• Plenty of information
• Involvement in Decision Making
• Not in a Hurry
• Easy availability
• Affordable Care
• Trust in Birth

We are ALWAYS available if you have questions or concerns.  It is our policy to answer calls as      quickly as possible.
We schedule all appointments an hour apart so there is plenty of time for questions and discussion  of  your concerns, visiting, stories, laughter & tears when necessary.
We encourage you to bring family and/or friends with you to your appointments.
We offer you access to our large lending library of resource materials.