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Childbirth Preparation Classes

Joins us to prepare for your upcoming labor and birth.
Classes are recommended during your last trimester and accommodate the needs of everyone, whether you plan to deliver in or out of the hospital. We meet on a Saturday from 9-3 for this modified Lamaze style class.

Topics covered include:
~ physical and emotional conditioning before birth
~ how labor begins
~ stages of labor
~ what to expect – mother
~ what to expect – dad/partner/support people
~ how to cope

  • relaxation techniques
  • breathing techniques for each stage of labor
  • how to push effectively
  • medications available in labor
  • tips for support people

~ medical procedures
~ induction methods
~ fetal monitoring
~ cesearean birth
~ after baby arrives
~ postpartum care for mom and baby
~ breastfeeding information and resources
~ adjustments to parenting

 Call For our Schedule

For further information or to register call:   267-0936